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Maria Okonska maria.okonska at brooklaw.edu
Wed Dec 5 03:06:25 NZDT 2012

Hi there,
Brooklyn Law School Library would like to share with everyone the simple solution to link your shelving locations to maps.  The only one challenge is that the script cannot extend 80 characters.

1.      --> Go to staff module

2.      --> Administration

3.      --> Show category

4.      --> LOC

5.      --> Description (OPAC)

6.      --> Edit

7.      --> Description (OPAC)

8.       --> Enter script (<center><a href="https://services.brooklaw.edu/library/I.pdf"><br>INT'L</a>)
You have to store your maps on your local server.
It would be really beneficial if more characters could be added to each category, it doesn't seem to be the big development. I hope that this will improve our OPACS display and make our users very happy. To see examples in our catalog please visit us: https://catalog.brooklaw.bywatersolutions.com/
Please share your comments.
My best,

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Manager of Bibliographic Operations
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