[Koha] A couple Koha acquisitions questions

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Thank you for this information, Magnus. I guess that for now, libraries are either doublekeying orders between the book vendor system and Koha, or else send e-mail or printed orders to the book vendor. 

In any event, YBP would be interested in testing either EDI or embedded order data (acquisitions data in 9xx MARC fields) if the community decides to pursue it. 

Best regards,

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On 3 December 2012 21:47, Ann-Marie Breaux <ABreaux at ybp.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> YBP is a book wholesaler for academic libraries. We have several libraries now using Koha as their ILS. The acquisitions functionality seems a little light, and less integrated than we have with other systems. Could you confirm the following for me?
> 1.    Is there any EDI functionality in Koha yet? Can libraries send EDIFACT Orders and/or receive EDIFACT POAs or Invoices?

There are a couple of bug reports related to this:

Bug 7736 - Edifact QUOTE and ORDER functionality

Bug 2443 - Acquisitions by EDIFACT

The first one has a status of "Failed QA", which means someone
implemented it, but it is temporarily stuck in the Quality Assurance
stage of development. I am not sure of the state of the second one.

> 2.    If a library has placed an order in the book vendor's online system, is there any way to load that order information into Koha without rekeying? Some systems we work with can accept acquisitions data in 9xx MARC fields to populate into an order record automatically.

There is an API described here:
that should let you enter bibliographic records into Koha, given the
right username/password. This would create a record, but not an order
in the aquisitions module. I have a client that is interested in
adding functionality to Koha that would place records added in this
way in a queue, alert librarians to the presence of new records and
make it easy to attach newly added records to orders in the
aqusistions module. This development is in the early stages of being
sketched out, but if anyone else is interested in similar
functionality please let us know.

Best regards,
Magnus Enger
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