[Koha] Koha drop down box for States?

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This would certainly be possible for a particular install, but there would
be some internationalization issues we'd need to address:

We could hardcode the system to look for an authorized value list "STATES",
and then let the use populate that manually; if unpopulated, use free text.
However, this puts the burden on the user to create a list of relevant
states, and is hardcoding a connection.

We could provide multiple SQL files with the states for each country, and
let the user load those at install time, but that would a) require us to
compile such a list and b) maintain it.  There would be the additional issue
of what do to for Koha installations that service multiple nations; I'd
assume they would prefer to group by country, so there would need to be some
kind of mechanism for that.

I suppose we could work up a special interface for geographic information,
where we could divide by country, state, region, county, township or
whatever other local geographic delimiter is used.  This would bump up the
complexity enormously.... perhaps there is an open datasource we could draw
from for this?



On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 10:18 AM, Linda Culberson
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> All,
> In Koha 3.4 the state is a separate field (Hooray!!)   Is there a way to
> tie it to a an authorized  value (I've done one for the states and
> territories of the United States) and would like it to be a drop down.
> Thanks!
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