[Koha] Koha - getting other fields to appear

LAURENT Henri-Damien henridamien.laurent at biblibre.com
Thu Jun 23 09:51:21 NZST 2011

Le 22/06/2011 00:46, Robin Sheat a écrit :
> Nicole Engard schreef op di 21-06-2011 om 10:43 [-0400]:
>> Now, a good suggestion I think I read on bugzilla was to
>> allow people to use a sys pref to point to their own XSLTs so that
>> you're not editing the default (which causes problems with upgrades). 
> I'm speccing out something that will allow libraries to upload their own
> XSLT, so that they can have a number of files there and enable what they
> want.
if Koha is to use xslt for all the display instead of using
template::toolkit, this could be good.
But if there are to be only two or three or even SOME places where xslt
is used, then define it : basket, list, search results and maybe
acquisitions. make that sysprefs, let the syspref be a uri file or http
and that's all.
To be able to put files on a server would require ppl to be able to
master the security of this server or at least, write a good
documentation for that.
We added an upload in cataloguing tools so that ppl can attach a file on
a biblio and the link is displayed, only under some conditions.
But when documenting that for the simple library administrator who may
not be a system administrator would be quite uneasy. There are plenty of
nice vms to use in order to have a nice secure place to upload files and
provide uris to access those files. Why not just make it work with koha
and let the librarian just copy/paste the xslt uri in a syspref, which
is really easy ?
xslt is nice, when it is used in the browser, not when it is used as it
is in koha. Cataloguing frameworks made it a nightmare. C4/XSLT.pm
should be reduced to a very simple thing. get xslt, parse, add
variables and functions in a koha namespace
(getmarcstructure,getauthorisedvalue), and process the xml.
Just make it easy to access outer ressources. It may be better than
writing a big block to upload xslt.
My gut feeling, but i havenot seen your spec.
Henri-Damien LAURENT

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