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Ricardo Dias Marques lists at ricmarques.net
Wed Jun 22 05:22:33 NZST 2011

Hi Abdulsalam Yousef,

On 19-Jun-2011, Abdulsalam Yousef <ayousef at kwareict.com> wrote:

> We have faced this new problem in koha 3.02.05 when trying to open the link
> http://mu.maktabat-online.net:8080/cgi-bin/koha/tools/scheduler.pl
> which concerns with the Task Scheduler we get this error
> Software error:
> Schedule::At: Can't exec getJobs command: No such file or directory
> also after upgrading to koha 3.02.09 we faced the same problem

I never had that problem, but I "googled" for it just now and I found
the following discussion thread about that same error, in this Koha
Mailing List, on March 2010:

Koha- Home > Tools > Task Scheduler

In that discussion, the following tip from Jason Sherman may help you:
Make sure that you have the Perl module Schedule::At installed and
that your web server has permission to use the 'at' system command.
On my system (Ubuntu) access to 'at' is configured with /etc/at.allow
and etc/at.deny.  I had to remove my web-server user (www-data in my
case) from the deny list.

I found the documentation for configuring 'at' on my system in the man
pages for my linux distro

I hope this helps you Abdulsalam.

Ricardo Dias Marques
( author of the Install Guide of Koha 3.0.0 in openSUSE 11.0 available at:
http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Koha_3.0.0_on_openSUSE_11.0 )

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