[Koha] Which is a book's unique identifier?

Mahesh T Pai paivakil at gmail.com
Tue Jun 21 15:49:06 NZST 2011

Dear All, 

Probably a silly question, but I am not a librarian. 

Koha version is currently 3.4.1; and previously, it was

The librarian says that they used to search for a book by barcode
number, The number they refer to as barcode number is what is found at
biblionumber column in table biblio. 

This is also same as what is called "accession number". 


Is barcode same as accession number? 

For some reason, I feel that should not be same - accession number would 
be unique to each library; bar code may not be? (or have I misunderstood?)

Again, biblioitemnumber is autogenerated, but books need not be entered
into the data base in same order as they are acquired - especially when
a library is newly moving into Koha. 

The search result by bar code is very inconsistent between opac and
staff client. Same code _sometimes_ shows up as not found in staff
client. This is apart from the problem already reported here, wher
search for 123 throwing results for 123[0-9] also. 

Probably, both me and the librarian have not got at least some concepts
about Koha.

Some elaboration would be appreciated. 

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