[Koha] Summary of Global Signoff Day 2011-06-15 - more to come?

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Mon Jun 20 02:16:57 NZST 2011

Magnus Enger wrote:
> * GSOD #1
> You can see a more or less complete list of what bugs were changed here:
> http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/Global_sign_off_day,_2011-06-15

Thanks for the summary, Magnus!

I was unaware of that page, so did not edit it when reviewing or
signing off.  Editing a wiki page seems a bit odd: doesn't bugzilla
track status and who's working on a bug already?  Commenting on the
bug or hopping on IRC seems a good idea if you absolutely want to
avoid the risk of "two signoffs, one bug" (I apologise for that image
;-) ).

> As far as I can tell we were about 6 people signing off on things

JOOI, how can you tell that?

> * GSOD #2
> BibLibre have said all their staff will dedicate half a day every two
> weeks to signing off on bugs and similar tasks (woohoo!). I would like
> to propose another GSOD to coincide with their first such day, which
> is scheduled for 2011-07-08. Motto: "The more, the merrier"!

I send my regrets.  I think that's the second Friday of Co-operatives
Fortnight here and I will be occupied with co-op community events.

> Some questions spring to mind:
> - How can we get more people involved?

> - Should the name of the "event" reflect that other activities (such
> as closing bugs) are encouraged too?

Yes, if they are.  Bug Squashing Party is used in debian.

> - How can we make it even more fun?
> -- Better/other lists and visualisations?
> -- Could we have the huginn bot on IRC annonunce new signoffs, the
> same way it does "needs signoff"s?
> -- Could we use some kind of VoIP/videoconferencing tools to make the
> social interactions seem more um... "real"?

I'm unsure about conferencing because it seems like it would need its
own effort to set up (I'd go for a simple SIP party-line, but I'm sure
there are others using incompatible systems which I wouldn't want to
use either) and keep running.  It may also suffer from the
synchronisation problem worse than IRC currently does.

Yes to lists and bots - maybe we could reuse some of the tools from
another bugzilla-using project's bug-squash party?  I'm not sure
where to look for that though.

> Or is GSOD a really bad idea, would it be better to channel our energy
> into making signoffs (and similar activities) look more like an
> ongoing task, and less something you only have to think about once a
> month?

I think spot events are good when we want to bring a count down.

Hope that informs,
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