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Thomas Krichel krichel at openlib.org
Thu Jun 16 07:35:08 NZST 2011

  Journals Digital writes

> I learned by my self over the last half year how to handle a linux 
> system, so I am not a complete newbie but, I am also not a pro!
> Because of that I installed Koha with a LiveCD.

  I would try to install Debian first, and then use the 
  Debian package Robin Sheat has provided us with. Your 
  issue appears to be with DBD::SQLite2, rather than with 

> So what should I do now? How can I install that module?
> After that install of that module I will do following steps, are they 
> right and in the right order?
> 1. install Template::Toolkit with apt-get liptemplate-perl
> 2. misc/maintenance/remove_items_from_biblioitems.pl --run
> 3. misc/migration_tools/rebuild_zebra.pl -b -r
> 4. perl makefile.pl path to the old file (which one was it?)
> 5. make
> 6. make test
> 7. sudo make install
> 8. Ready? or are there some steps do so now? My first (with an other pc) 
> try was, I got a message on the browser after trying to open the pages 
> :80 or :8080 - server working. - not more. but I still did just (without 
> any steps before) step 4,5,6 of my list.

  You don't need to do any of these once you have a Debian system.
  Look at my documentation at 


  If you find it's outdated, let me know.


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