[Koha] Uploading the database from excel to KOHA : Copies not available / Missing

Bob Birchall bob at calyx.net.au
Tue Jun 14 18:06:49 NZST 2011

On 14/06/11 15:27, R Sunil Kumar wrote:
> Dear All,
> I am trying to upload the database from excel file to KOHA below are the
> list of fields available in the excel sheet and the corresponding MARC
> tags code.

Be careful using Excel for this exercise - it will embed non-printing 
characters in your data.  Use Libre Office and keep your file in csv format.

> But when I upload the data to the KOHA using MarcEdit Software, as there
> is multiple copies of single ISBN number, I have used the matching rules
> (ISBN as unique identifier) and it had successfully matched the record
> and displayed the record number wherever there is a matching of records
> (biblio number). Database is successfully created message comes and
> display the biblio number.
> But when I do OPAC search it display two option.
> Error 1: Copies does not exit
> Error 2: Copies available in (library branch name) but when I try to
> Place Hold, it shows copies not available or missing.

You don't seem to have branch data in your holdings statement (952). 
Koha requires both Home Branch (952$a) and Holding Branch (952$b). Refer 
to Koha to Marc Mapping on the Administration page for the fields 
expected by Koha.

You do have Location (952$c) so if that is your library/branch, change 
it to 952$a then copy that to 952$b.  The value must match exactly 
(including case) a value in your Libraries definition 
(Administration/Libraries, Branches, Groups). But first move Condition 
from 952$a to a more suitable sub-field.

Hope that helps,
Bob Birchall

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