[Koha] RFI/RFP for FOSS -Librarians and Service Providers

Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Jun 14 08:47:58 NZST 2011

* Paul Nielsen (pauln at hauraki-dc.govt.nz) wrote:
>    Hi Lee,
>    I only just noticed this thread now, so hopefully I am not too late for
>    you.
>    We used a pretty standard 2 envelope (Price/non-price) RFP process that we
>    sent to a pre-selected list of vendors, including two Koha support
>    companies.
>    We short-listed after non-price evaluation and then opened the $ envelopes
>    after a round of further evaluation/testing/demos and site visits etc. We
>    selected Koha & Catalyst so can I infer that it must work for OS products
>    and providers?
Hi All

As one of the support companies who answered Paul's RFP I can say it
was one of the most 'fit for purpose' ones I have seen. It asked
questions that were actually relevant to their situation, and that
were relevant to FLOSS software also.

Chris Cormack
Catalyst IT Ltd.
+64 4 803 2238
PO Box 11-053, Manners St, Wellington 6142, New Zealand
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