[Koha] XEN Virtualization

Peter Lorimer peter at oslo.ie
Sat Jun 11 04:38:58 NZST 2011


Was wondering if anyone else has experienced this.

I have a server using Xen and one using virtuozzo with the same supplier. I
also have an EC2 instance that uses xen hypervisor. I have a Koha distro on
the Xen server and I'm getting huge performance issues especially regarding
mysql server hits. The file moremember.pl causes the cpu to go up to 100%
and at the same time mysql starts to use 50% memory. I then see two
404.plprocesses just before the page eventually loads. Takes 30 secs
just to load
details of one patron.

However if I port the same koha implementation to the only server not using
xen virtualisation, the virtuozzo one, the problem vanished and page loads
are 2 or three secs with no noticable cpu spikes.

Has anyone ever came across similar issues with Xen virtualisation?
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