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Tim Bateson tim at monkeyx.net
Thu Jun 9 01:14:11 NZST 2011

Hi Gary,

Thanks for your help. I should have used wireshark in the first place :) I
have added some UK libraries, the National Library of Wales seemed to have a
good collection for UK books.

The name of our schools is Houghton Kepier Sports College and we are in a
town called Houghon le Spring in the North East of  England.

http://moodle.houghtonkepier.org.uk/ I have included a moodle link to show
we use more than one open source application at our school :)



2011/6/7 G. Laws <glawson at rhcl.org>

 Hi Tim, and welcome to the Koha community.
> In a slightly different order than your questions below:
> 1. Yes, I would recommend Koha 3.4, and it's completely appropriate for a
> small school library. Version 3.2 is still supported, but 3.4 is much
> improved and it's pointless to start with an older version, do the work to
> configure it, then decide, probably quite quickly, to upgrade to 3.4.
> 2. Z39.50 commonly uses port 210, TCP, but apparently UDP is part of the
> spec.  Here's a quick link I found:
> http://www.speedguide.net/port.php?port=210
> It's actually interesting to watch Wireshark while the computer is doing a
> Z39.50 search--you'll see the TCP connections.
> 3. Koha vs "Liblime" Koha (Harley) . That's a political decision, but
> clearly the Koha community promotes what we see as the "real" Koha, the best
> source of information for which is:
> http://koha-community.org
> Only a couple of people on the IRC chat or the Koha mailing list will be
> able to help you much with the Liblime version; we are enthusiastic
> supporters of "community" Koha. I think it's relatively safe to say that
> Koha is under much more active development by a wider group of people than
> Liblime's ILS. Don't be misled by the version numbers for each; they are not
> comparative.
> 4. I don't know much about using Active Directory with Koha, but someone
> else might respond to that. If not, wait a while and ask again; I know some
> work has been done with LDAP as recently as v3.2 to address some issues.
> 5. Your questions are welcome!
> If you don't mind, would you care to share the name of your school and/or
> your location in the UK? We all like to know where Koha is being used. :)
> Greg
> -----------------
> On 06/07/2011 09:30 AM, Tim Bateson wrote:
> Hi All,
>  I am a new Koha user, looking to get Koha 3.4 installed and integrated
> with Active Directory for client access for a UK secondary school.
>  I have got Koha 3.4 installed and running on a Debian squeeze server. Is
> version 3.4 the best version to use for a new install in a relatively small
> school library?
>  We are behind a managed firewall so asked for relevant z39.50 ports to be
> opened. Can anyone confirm if z39.50 uses udp or tcp (or both)?
>  I am also a little confused by whether I should have used the Koha
> community or Liblime versions. I chose the community version as I am trying
> to promote the use of open source in our school. Can anyone point me to what
> the differences are between the community and Liblime versions?
>  In relation to LDAP integration for Active Directory is there any
> documentation for how this can be done for version 3.4 I have found some
> threads on the mailing list, but not found a definitive source for how to do
> this.
>  Sorry for all the questions :)
>  Tim
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