[Koha] Koha More regarding local call number search/barcodes

Linda Culberson lculber at mdah.state.ms.us
Tue Jun 7 06:53:52 NZST 2011

The problem, at least in 3.4, does exist, but changing the query from 
sn,wrdl to sn,phr and bc,wrdl to bc,phr seems to fix it.

But I'm still wondering if there are others - besides call numbers - 
for which this applies.

I apologize for the multiple emails.  I should do more research before I 
email.  I'll try to keep quiet now.


On 6/6/2011 1:44 PM, Linda Culberson wrote:
> All,
> We have found that the same type of problem seems to occur in 3.4 if
> searching for barcodes and sn (serial number/biblionumber?)
> A search for B3525 also pulls up B35250, B35251, B35252 ..... . And the
> search by biblionumber/serial number is similar. A search for "3" pulls
> up 10001 result(s) found for 'sn,wrdl: 3'. S\ince ours were
> automatically assigned" pulls up 3, 30, 301, 302, ,,. 31, 310... and so one
> Has anyone else noticed this and is happening with other searches that
> one would expect to pull up just one result?
> On 6/2/2011 4:15 PM, Linda Culberson wrote:
>> All,
>> I've taken advice from the Koha group and enlisted the assistance of the
>> staff in helping me find problems in Koha. One of the things we
>> discovered in our version 3.4.1, is that the search for call number
>> searches by word ( callnum,wrdl ) when what we think we need is
>> callnum,phr .
>> The callnum,wrdl works as is as long as there are no spaces.PI/1985.0031
>> works. 920/M69b pulls up that call number but also 920/M69ba and
>> 920/M69bi (which to me is okay, because the 920/M69b is first) But a
>> search for Series 21 pulls up "Series 410/Roll 2164" as well as "Series
>> 21" and "Series 21/Yazoo County"
>> I know how to change it in the template, but is that what I should be
>> doing?
>> Thanks for your help and patience.

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