[Koha] Why are there 2 versions?

Lori Bowen Ayre lori.ayre at galecia.com
Sat Jun 4 10:03:42 NZST 2011

Thanks Paul!  I appreciate getting my wrong assumptions straightened out.
 Very good points about that being another value of being on an open source


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On Fri, Jun 3, 2011 at 12:06 PM, Paul <paul.a at aandc.org> wrote:

> At 01:00 PM 6/3/2011 -0400, Owen Leonard wrote:
> > > So while there is no more
> > > development to 3.2, any bugs found will be fixed.  At some point, even
> that
> > > will stop and everyone will be expected to get themselves upgraded.
> >
> >And indeed, the 3.2.x Release Maintainer has said that the upcoming
> >3.2.10 release will most likely be the final release of the 3.2.x
> >branch.
> "expected to get themselves upgraded" ... or, of course, to retain 3.2.x in
> production.
> We have a functional, extensively customized, 3.2.5 that meets the
> requirements of our cataloguers and users.  While I might spend some of my
> spare [?] time looking at 3.4 (I really like the concept of templates), the
> customization has to be done all over again, and is proving troublesome.
> Nothing wrong with Koha, all to do with our requirements; I ended up
> modifying the SQL structure to accept longer, searchable keywords and
> abstracts; to facilitate serials cataloguing; and to remove all "lending
> library" features to speed things up considerably (we are
> reference/research only.)
> If and when I get 3.4 running to our requirements, we'll evaluate whether
> we migrate; but in the meanwhile, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it."  And
> I'm sure there's got to be a lot of other Koha users who are also wary of
> "upgrading" a fully functional tool.
> This is the great strength of community-driven, open license products - you
> can reach a point where you have achieved what you set out to do. Anything
> after that can be considered much lower priority. Quite frankly, my only
> concern at this point is to get rid of Zebra and integrate different search
> methodology which is apparently not high on the Koha horizon; barcoded
> spine labels, dustjacket images and emailed fines are not in our
> specifications.
> Everyone achieving their own specs, again, is a Koha strength. Otherwise
> we'll end up following the "M$ business code" - if Win98 is good enough for
> a Koha kiosk (and it most certainly is) you don't need to go chasing Vista,
> Win7 or Win8.  Our Ubuntu 10.10 server is perfect for Koha, so I only look
> for the ultra-rare Ubuntu security alerts.
> Given our satisfaction with Koha, I'll definitely be keeping an eye on
> future versions; but in the meanwhile, I respectfully beg to differ with
> the statement that "everyone will be expected to get themselves upgraded."
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