[Koha] problem with reservation/placing a hold

amutsikiwa amutsikiwa at uzlib.uz.ac.zw
Sat Jun 4 02:59:27 NZST 2011



When one tries to place a hold, they are greeted with the following error
"Sorry, none of these items can be placed on hold." Below are my rule set
pertaining  holds:


AllowHoldDateInFuture - Allow

AllowHoldPolicyOverride - Allow

AllowHoldsOnDamagedItems- Don't Allow


Canreservefromotherbranches- Don't Allow 

DisplayMultiPlaceHold -Enable

emailLibrarianWhenHoldIsPlaced  -Enable 

 maxreserves Patrons can only have holds at once. 

OPACAllowHoldDateInFuture - Allow


ReservesControlBranch item's home library

ReservesMaxPickUpDelay  days. 

ReservesNeedReturns- Automatically  

StaticHoldsQueueWeight  - 0
RandomizeHoldsQueueWeight- in that order  





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