[Koha] RES: Does koha3 have reservations books?

Carlos Alberto Mesquini mesquini at cpqd.com.br
Thu Sep 30 06:09:16 NZDT 2010


Your system preference is defined??? Item OPAC >> OPACItemHolds, is ON?

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Assunto: [Koha] Does koha3 have reservations books?

I can't "Place Hold" on item which is not check Out(by admin interface).

On check out item i can Place Hold(by admin interface). It is normal? I
can't Place Hold in client interface ( becouse there is no 
Place Hold button. So my question is : Koha 3 have reservation books by 
client or not? I use last stable official version (3.00. ... ) and 
ubuntu 10.4.
Please help.
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