[Koha] branchcodes and case sensitivity

Elaine Bradtke eb at efdss.org
Tue Sep 21 22:46:43 NZST 2010

We're running 3.2
We just did a bulk MARC import of 1431 records.  There are a few
problems with the call numbers in the staff interface.
We use our own call number system, so the information is in 099$a, but
we've also copied it to 942$h and 952$o (because I wasn't sure about
how / where it would display).

Problem 1)
I wanted the call numbers at the top of the ISBD view so the following
is the first line of the ISBD. #099|<br/><br/><label>Call No.:
</label>|{ 099a }| followed by #100|<br/><br/>|{ 100a }{ 100b } . . .
I thought this would provide a line break between the display of the
099 and the 100, and it did, briefly, but now it's lumping the two
fields into one line again.

Problem 2)
The call number does not display in the normal view.  It should appear
in the holdings tab. The information is there in the record.  I
accidentally discovered that if I edit the item record (and not actually
touch anything) and then save it, the call number appears.

This first batch of records is only a small sample of our import.
There must be a better way than looking at every item record.
Elaine Bradtke

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