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There is a lot you can do here with the apache configurations.  Indeed, I think you could use one IP address and then different apache configs listening on different ports.  Or you could continue to use ports 80 and 8080, and use separate IP addresses (I wound up with the extra ports first, then went with extra IP addresses later for DNS reasons).  You then configure your apache instances to listen as you like.  Note that in each apache instance there is a SET_ENV line that points to the koha configuration file.  That is where your different databases are defined, over in the koha config file, and thus each apache instance is pointing to one config file > one database.  Due to that restriction, I don't think you will be able to edit in one spot within the staff client and have it effect both databases, but there may be a way to set that up.

Maybe one of the other list denizens has an idea for that.



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Doug, thank you very much for your input. I need to have a closer
look at this. Is it essential to use different IP addresses or would
it be sufficient to use different ports on the same IP for the
second instance? It seems that I can only specify IP addresses (and
no ports) within the Koha settings.

And another question: as an example, we could have "external" OPAC/Database: Database01(a) "internal" OPAC/Database Database01(b) and Database02

Is it possible to have the "external" DB01a included in the
"internal" system and add/remove/edit items in DB01a from staff
client 2, or would it be necessary to have two instances of DB01 --
one in system 1 and one in system 2 (and twice the cataloguing work
for DB01)? my impression is that it is possible to edit both by
switching the library within the staff client, is this correct?

I hope my theoretical scenario is not too confusing ;)



Doug Dearden schrieb am Do 02 Sep 2010 13:38:21 CEST:
> Mirko,
> We had a similar situation, and found that the solution was
> multiple databases.  You can set up multiple databases, with a
> separate Apache instance and separate koha config file for each.
> Configure the "internal" OPAC with the appropriate IP address and
> the "public" OPAC with a different one.  Firewall and DNS
> settings complete the setup and will be peculiar to your
> situation.
> More detailed notes will be found here:
> http://lists.katipo.co.nz/public/koha/2009-April/017874.html
> Best,
> Doug Dearden
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> Hello everybody,
> I've been reading this list for 9 months now and learned a lot
> here. I'm in the process of managing the migration to Koha for a
> media centre/ library at a university in Berlin/ Germany. The
> facility's specific purpose is to provide material (print, audio,
> video, software) for learners of foreign languages.
> I have several problems to solve and I hope you can help me a 
> little. It may be useful to say that I'm more of a tech-person
> in this context, not a librarian. The first problem I would like
> to address is the following:
> Among other things we have an inventory of old TV recordings. We
> are obliged by our legal department to not show OPAC entries of
> these to the general public -- meaning our (old) OPAC is
> restricted to the university network, making us invisible to
> everybody outside of that network.
> It would be great to find a way around this with Koha. Is it 
> possible to show some specific items in the OPAC only a) to
> people of specific patron groups or b) to people of a specific IP
> range while invisible to others (and while all other items are
> visible to everyone)?
> I've read about shadowing, but I understand it hides items from
> the OPAC completely, showing them only in the staff client. That
> is not what we need, people coming to our facility are supposed
> to find everything in the OPAC. Is there some other way, like
> hiding a complete category of items?
> Thank you for reading all this,
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