[Koha] Invitation to join KUDOS

Ian Walls ian.walls at bywatersolutions.com
Fri Sep 17 08:18:07 NZST 2010


The KUDOS board is inviting all North American institutions with an
installation of Koha to become a member.  If you join now as a charter
member, there will be no registration fee through 2011 (since we don't yet
have non-profit status, nor an agreed-upon due structure).  If you wish to
become a member of KUDOS, we ask that you fill out this simple online

Of course, we are looking for volunteers to do all kinds of things, so
please check off the categories in which you are interested.  Positions on
the board are available!

Once we have a good base of interest, we can all begin moving forward with
determining how KUDOS can serve the greater Koha community.

Thank you for your interest.

Ian Walls
(Acting) President, KUDOS
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