[Koha] LibLime responses to some of yesterdays postings

John Yokley jyokley at ptfs.com
Fri Sep 17 06:26:35 NZST 2010

LibLime is very encouraged at the amount of positive discussion that our
post has generated and I will attempt to answer some of the questions that
have been raised.  We agree that Kohacon could be a very appropriate and
productive forum to expand discussions on how to best set up a Koha
Foundation.  I would request that preliminary discussions start prior to
that if possible, so that we would have a better sense of the agenda and the
preparation required for Kohacon.  Would it be possible to hold a meeting of
some kind in the next few weeks?

I will continue to be involved in the Koha Foundation process, but I have
asked Amy DeGroff to be the LibLime spokesperson as the discussions evolve
through the IRC and the list to make sure we  do not miss any pertinent
information/communications.  Amy and Patrick Jones are key members of our
LibLime staff that will also be supporting this process.

LibLime has minimal preconceived mandates for the Koha Foundation except
that it be a new formal non-profit organization that is only involved with
Koha.  We believe that US 501 (c)(3) laws are advantageous for non-profit
corporations and that this type of a corporation would be very appropriate
for the Koha Foundation.  This fact was also referenced by another
individual on the list yesterday.  We will want to see typical governance
documentation agreed upon and developed such as a Charter and Bylaws.
LibLime, as one of multiple asset donors, will want to participate as an
active and voting member of the Foundation.

Finally, per a recent post, LibLime will contact the attorney of Metavore
Inc., LibLime’s former corporate parent to see if the Koha 503C corporation
created in 2009 will be transferred as a part of the LibLime asset purchase
that PTFS made from Metivore Inc. in March of this year.  This was not
covered during the transaction.

Best Regards

John R. Yokley


LibLime Division of PTFS
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