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Now that's a breakthrough!  Thank you for the commitment to participate,


Regarding assets currently held by HLT, the rules of the HLT Koha Committee

Clause 4. Koha Software Foundation

Should at any time a Foundation, Association or other entity (hereafter
"entity") be established for the purpose of governance of the Koha Project,
then the Committee after proper consideration may recommend to the Trustees
that any or all Property of the Koha Project be transferred to the entity.
Matters that may be considered by the Committee in formulating a
recommendation to the Trustees may (but need not) include:

1.	the constitutional form of the entity;
2.	whether the entity is established as a not-for-profit entity;
3.	whether the entity is established in a jurisdiction having
appropriate rules for the conduct of such entities;
4.	whether the entity has Rules that are consistent with the objectives
of the Trust in safeguarding the Property of the Koha project;
5.	whether the entity's Rules provide appropriately for the long term
governance of the Koha Project;
6.	whether the entity has the means to sustain its objects in the long
7.	whether the entity has broad support within the Koha Community as
being the appropriate entity to conduct the governance of the Koha Project.

So there are a few matters to contemplate.



Bob Birchall




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Great idea, LibLime will look forward to participation in this meeting.


John Yokley 
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