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Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Tue Sep 14 11:00:21 NZST 2010

* Jennifer Tobias (jtobias at naropa.edu) wrote:
>    Hi listers,
>    We're interested in applying for an IMLS  Sparks! Ignition grant for
>    development of Koha in new and exciting ways, and we're looking for
>    partners to collaborate with us. The Sparks! grants are grants up to
>    $25,000 for innovative solutions to broad-ranging challenges in libraries,
>    archives and museums, with an emphasis on making the results of the
>    project open and accessible. From
>    http://www.imls.gov/applicants/grants/SparksIgnition.shtm :
>    Innovative + collaborative + open sounds like Koha to me! We would welcome
>    anyone who would like to join us in this project- we have some ideas of
>    our own, but we welcome more! (And by our own ideas I mean that we're at
>    the "gee, wouldn't it be cool if..." stage). Please let me know if you
>    would like to join us in pursuing this potentially amazing opportunity!
Hi Jen

I'm going to answer in two roles here. First with my Release Manager for
3.4 hat on.

Please make sure that any ideas you are working on, you document here 
http://wiki.koha-community.org/wiki/RFCs_for_Koha_3.4 and if possible
file an enhancement bug at bugs.koha-community.org for them as well
(which links to their RFC). That way we will not end up with duplicate
effort going on, and I can have some idea whats heading down the pipe at
me :)
And if all development is done in publicly available git repositories
(we can set one up for you on git.koha-community.org) then things will
be able to be tested and integrated faster and more cleanly.

Secondly, with my developers hat on, Catalyst would certainly be
interested in doing any development work needed. In fact I have quite a
few ideas of things I would like to implement myself :)

Hopefully you get lots of takers, and some of the ideas that aren't
directly fundable usually, get funded this way. I'm sure librarians and
library users have tons of neat ideas.


Chris Cormack
Catalyst IT Ltd.
+64 4 803 2238
PO Box 11-053, Manners St, Wellington 6142, New Zealand
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