[Koha] need a connector to wiki from main page

Chris Cormack chris at bigballofwax.co.nz
Tue Sep 14 08:35:48 NZST 2010

2010/9/14 Lori Bowen Ayre <lori.ayre at galecia.com>:
> I just tried to get back to the great list of RFCs that are on the wiki
> sub-domain and was unable to get there from koha-community.org.  Shouldn't
> there be a link to the wiki stuff?

There is, on the homepage and most other pages, right hand column,
under community resources, links to bugzilla, wiki, git etc.

> And how does one decide what goes on the
> wiki versus what goes on the main domain?  There seems to be a lot of
> overlap in some categories (documentation, get involved/participation,
> Download Koha/Koha Versions)....

It's on a case by case basis, things usually start on the wiki and
move to website when they stop changing, we have no hard and fast


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