[Koha] PTFS/LibLime - misconfigured koha-community.org DNSrecords

david schuster dschust1 at tx.rr.com
Tue Sep 14 00:28:31 NZST 2010

> Hi all,
> I hope the Koha global community, but especially the American libraries who
> are PTFS clients, make a very loud, public and clear message that it is not
> ok for PTFS to behave like this.
> This is war folks. PTFS are trying to STEAL koha away from the community.
> Many many individuals and institutions have invested enormous amounts of
> labour and cash into making Koha what it is today. When you choose to go
> with Koha you are choosing to join a community. You may take what has been
> done before you by others and contribute back to the whole. That is the
> moral contract.
> Silence shows that you condone the behaviour of PTFS. Blog, publish, phone,
> knock on their door but whatever you do please don't just sit and watch them
> steal a decades worth of collaborative work. 

> >  koha-community.net
> > 
> >  koha-community.com
> > 
> >  kohacommunity.org
> > 
> >  kohacommunity.us
> > 

Hi all, I watched this with dismay when it came up about a month ago as well.  I
want to assure you that several of the US PTFS clients have been talking with
PTFS about this.  We do hope there is a solution in the near future, but can't
talk about it until a few other things are in place.

Off to a great week!

David Schuster

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