[Koha] PTFS/LibLime - misconfigured koha-community.org DNS records

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Sun Sep 12 09:35:51 NZST 2010

Hi all,

I hope the Koha global community, but especially the American libraries who  
are PTFS clients, make a very loud, public and clear message that it is not  
ok for PTFS to behave like this.

This is war folks. PTFS are trying to STEAL koha away from the community.  
Many many individuals and institutions have invested enormous amounts of  
labour and cash into making Koha what it is today. When you choose to go  
with Koha you are choosing to join a community. You may take what has been  
done before you by others and contribute back to the whole. That is the  
moral contract.

Silence shows that you condone the behaviour of PTFS. Blog, publish, phone,  
knock on their door but whatever you do please don't just sit and watch  
them steal a decades worth of collaborative work.


On Sep 12, 2010 3:12am, Mason James <mason at kohaaloha.com> wrote:
> Hi Folks,

> Is someone at PTFS/LibLime willing to correct the DNS records of...

> koha-community.net

> koha-community.com

> kohacommunity.org

> kohacommunity.us

> and point these to their correct destination of koha-community.org.

> All above DNS records seems to be incorrectly configured, and re-direct  
> to a generic network-solutions webpage :/

> If not... Is someone at PTFS/LibLime willing to explain to the Koha  
> community why the DNS records will not be corrected?

> Cheers, Mason.

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> KohaAloha, NZ.

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