[Koha] Error while Installing DBD::Mysql Perl Module

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Fri Sep 3 23:55:29 NZST 2010

rohitsingh wrote:
> I am facing problem in installing DBD::Mysql Perl module, I am installing in
> MAC OS X, the error message details are as follow:
> Unrecognized argument in LIBS ignored: '-pipe'
> Note (probably harmless): No library found for -lmysqlclient

I think you do not have the basic MySQL client library installed in a
way suitable for development.  The easiest fix would be to install a
package called something like "MySQL Development Libraries" or
mysql-dev from your MacOS X provider.

This is not a problem with Koha.  If you encounter further problems
installing MySQL, I'd suggest trying to find and ask a mailing list
for the DBD::Mysql Perl Module, your MacOS X support provider or maybe
a Local User Group.  The Koha list would become overwhelmed if
problems with any system component are posted here in such detail.

We didn't have much fun installing Koha on MacOS X and eventually
upgraded to debian.  The debugging tools were strange and
uninformative.  I never could track down some problems with the
fink-based installation, including seemingly-random crashes of
zebrasrv, occasional failures to start mysql on boot and sometimes
ignoring connections from staff machine. Of course, they might have
been something to do with network configuration or base system
configuration (both of which were not under our control). I simply
don't know.  Maybe you will fare better, though.  If I were doing it
again, I'd try MacPorts, which used to be described a bit at
http://www.tinybox.net/category/logiciels/koha/ but isn't any more...

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