[Koha] 3.2 working: pdf and z3950 import not yet

David M. Bucknell dbucknell at iteachnet.org
Thu Sep 2 04:23:21 NZST 2010

Ok. I see that if I choose the barcode type for layout it does print a  
barcode.  Thank you.

Any ideas re. the error when importing a record from the results of a  
z39.50 search?

Software error:

Can't call method "add_subfields" on an undefined value at
line 142.

Thank you,

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     From: Chris Nighswonger <cnighswonger at foundations.edu>
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> On Wed, Sep 1, 2010 at 9:27 AM, Martin Longo <jmlongo at uncu.edu.ar> wrote:
>> En su momento, Chris Nighswonger escribió:
>>> On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 11:00 PM, David M. Bucknell
>>> <dbucknell at iteachnet.org> wrote:
>>>> We reinstalled and now barcodes are incrementing and physical items
>>>> are showing up.  I'm using the "annual" format for barcodes and
>>>> anywhere there is a place to put in an item number, I put it in.
>>>> Two new problems:
>>>> 1. Is anyone else getting a corrupted pdf when printing spine labels?
>>> Please open the pdf with a plain text editor, post the error here, and
>>> I'll have a look.
>>> Kind Regards,
>>> Chris
>> I am getting a "corrupted file" aswell, but only when I select a Layout
>> Type other than 'Barcode' in the Label Layout AND there are diacritics
>> in one or more of the fields I selected to print.
>> I tested the generator selecting items with no diacritics and it worked
>> fine.
>> The error says:
>> %PDF-1.4
>> %âãÏÓ
>> 4 0
>> obj<</Type/Font/Subtype/Type1/BaseFont/Courier/Encoding/WinAnsiEncoding>>endobj
>> 5 0
>> obj<</Type/Font/Subtype/Type1/BaseFont/Times-Italic/Encoding/WinAnsiEncoding>>endobj
>> 6 0
>> obj<</Type/Font/Subtype/Type1/BaseFont/Times-Roman/Encoding/WinAnsiEncoding>>endobj
>> <h1>Software error:</h1>
>> <pre>Wide character in compress at /usr/share/perl5/PDF/Reuse.pm line 819
> The diacritical problem is a known issue and is rather complicated. It
> has been discussed at length before on the list so you can search the
> archives for the gory details. The short of it is: they don't work for
> the most part. This explains the above error.
> Kind Regards,
> Chris
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