[Koha] [SOLVED] Searching for a word returns the whole library

Michail Golubjev xopkop at gmail.com
Sun Jan 24 10:55:19 NZDT 2010

Thank you very much, Henri-Damien, your patch worked. The search now returns
correct values (not extensive testing).

To recap the whole issue if somebody should run into the same problem.

koha-3.00.05 is installed from a source tarball on ubuntu server karmic.

34 records are added by importing using z39.50 server and marc files.

All records contain entries in russian.

Performing a search with a specific keyword on the catalogue returns the
whole catalogue (all 34 entries w/o exception).

Tweaking the search options in the administration section does not help.


yaz-icu is installed from the indexdata repository.

icu.xml is altered on line 22 to be <icu_chain locale="ru-RU"> (I don't know
if this had any effect, was fr_FR before).

default.idx is copied to:


icu.xml is copied to:


Using root the rebuild_zebra.pl script is run first with -a and then with -b
(I don't know if this was necessary).

Server restarted.

Search works as intended.

Best regards

On 22 January 2010 19:05, LAURENT Henri-Damien <
henridamien.laurent at biblibre.com> wrote:

> Agnes Rivers-Moore a écrit :
>  Turn off QueryFuzzy in the Searching preferences - it is really way too
>> fuzzy.
>> Agnes
> He He Agnes.
> Well, I think you are quite right.
> But there is also a thing you should consider : use icu instead of chr
> files for zebra.
> you may want to take a look at :
> http://git.biblibre.com/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi?p=koha;a=commit;h=b4068c1da33de36019bf4192150b6234bb8c7dbf
> to see how to tweak your installation in order to setup yaz-icu.
> You would have to install yaz-icu package from indexdata repository.
> Hope that helps.
> --
> Henri-Damien LAURENT
>  Michail Golubjev wrote:
>>> Hi everybody!
>>> We are a small russian church in Copenhagen planning to organize our
>>> small library using Koha.
>>> I have already set up Koha on Ubuntu Server Karmic and started testing it
>>> and learning using my own home books as a testing material.
>>> I am mainly importing records with the help of z39.50 servers. In
>>> particular from Russian State Library directly from inside Koha and using
>>> sigla.ru <http://sigla.ru> importing marc records downloaded as files.
>>> Now I have stumbled into a problem which I can't find a solution to in
>>> the documents and mailing list.
>>> I have added a number of books, but when I search for a specific keyword,
>>> fx. иоанн, the search returns ALL records.
>>> I would like to request your input on this problem, if any further
>>> information is needed, please tell me right away.
>>> Best regards
>>> Michail
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