[Koha] Cataloguing articles

stefan herrkandera at gmx.ch
Sat Apr 17 16:28:18 NZST 2010

Hi all

We use Koha for cataloguing articles. Since these records are exported 
to Vufind (OpenURL), the linkage isn't an issue for our purposes so far.
Maybe our experiences are helpful for other Koha users anyway.

By now we have 400 Journals.

- First thing we did, is to create a default “Article” MARC framework 
with basic values already filled in (000, 008, 245 for punctuation, 773)

- Since we need OpenURL, we expanded the tags for the 773 field 
according to : http://www.loc.gov/marc/marbi/2003/2003-dp01.html 
(Section 4.1)
__ <http://www.loc.gov/marc/marbi/2003/2003-dp01.html>
- We have a csv list with our Journals and the according ISSN. From 
(MySQL) biblio_framework we created templates for the 400 Journals with 
Jounal title and ISSN already filled in.

Problems and Solutions:

- Inside Koha it is quite difficult to find the right Journal out of 400 
existing templates. Since we are using Drupal for Extranet and Intranet 
we created a list of our journals with a direct link to the Koha 
template (any other CMS might do as well ;-).

- Since our databese is collaborative, some institutions are using IE. 
The advanced tag editor for 000 and 008 is not opening with IE. Undo the 
spaces in marc21_field_008_authorities.pl and marc21_field_008.pl in the 
UNIMARC section (Bug reported).

- Still in the 008, the country and language code are not in the correct 
place. By consequence Vufind was not able to allocate country and 
language from the 008 tag. Again this must be correctes in the 
marc21_field_008.pl to 080602s2008(4)gw(12)00(4)ger(1)d (where the 
numbers in brackets are the number of spaces to be filled in)

By now we have no solution for following problem:

- Our 773 subfield structure allows only to display the startpage. We 
need to get the endpage OpenURL readable as well.

The built in OpenURL module of Koha toghether with DAIA : 

would be a great All in One solution for our purposes. If someone has 
similar interests, please give a sign.

Greetings, Stefan

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