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Sun Sep 13 00:35:17 NZST 2009

Please excuse duplication. =C2=A0Please forward to interested colleagues
and other listservs.

_OCLC Systems & Services: =C2=A0International Digital Library Perspectives_
will be publishing a special issue on open source ILS/OPAC
implementations. =C2=A0The editor is looking for articles that articulate
the planning, development, testing, systems work, marketing, etc.
related to the implementation of a replacement to or alternative to a
vendor ILS/OPAC. =C2=A0Articles can be of any length, and figures and
screen shots are encouraged. OSS:IDLP is a peer-reviewed journal.

If you are interested in contributing, please send the editor your
name, a short proposal of the topic, and a tentative title for the
article. =C2=A0Deadline for proposals is November 1, 2009. =C2=A0Articles w=
be due to the editor by April 1, 2010. =C2=A0Any questions can be directed
to the editor. =C2=A0Thank you.

Dr. Brad Eden
Editor, _OCLC Systems & Services: =C2=A0International Digital Library Persp=
Associate University Librarian for Technical Services and Scholarly
University of California, Santa Barbara
eden at


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