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Sun Sep 13 00:35:17 NZST 2009

>>> You'll quote someone who spoke with Josh in a telephone conversation,
>>> but not Josh's direct response to the list?
> Josh is a subscriber to this list and thus is free to correct any
> mis-quotes of himself. I would encourage him to do so. I do not think
> for a moment that anyone on this list desires to mis-quote Josh. On
> the contrary, I think we would all desire most sincerely to very
> clearly understand Josh and his present course of action.

To what advantage?  Why should he send another missive here when all
have been content to ignore the previous ones?

> Perhaps you could request this of Josh or encourage the individual at
> your organization who is responsible for your relationship to LL to
> request it of Josh?

Again, what on earth would be the advantage of that?  To me, it just
seems like a waste of a busy person's time.

-- Ben

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