[Koha] Koha won't copy MARC 82 field to "o-Full Call Number" field in item record

Ramon Andinach custard at westnet.com.au
Wed Sep 30 12:53:25 NZDT 2009

Hi Brian,

Caveats: 1. Not a real cataloguer, or even a trained librarian
2. Not much of a computer person either
3. not running ddc in our library.

That said, when I set our system up for udc (rather than ddc) I ended  
up changing a number of settings to get it to do this, so maybe if I  
run through what I remember doing, then it might give you some places  
to look.

In the System Preferences-cataloguing I chanced:
	DefaultClassificationSource = udc
	itemcallnumber = 080ax

(which if I understand correctly is the equivalent to what you've done)

Now if I understood correctly, the Item data is actually not pulled  
from there, but from (in my system) a "special" chunk of the 900s  
where koha stores stuff specific to the way it thinks about things. In  
this case it has an itemcallnumber field that is 952o

To check this go into  Koha to Marc Mapping,
	Select "items" and click OK.
		Note that the itemcallnumber should say 952o

Then what should happen is that 952o fills from my 80ax, and the item  
details fill from that.

For some reason I found that if I pointed the Items/itemcallnumber  
directly at 80ax it didn't work, but when I put it back to this it did.

(I also had to play with the frameworks so they'd show me marc 080 at  
all - but you shouldn't have to do that)

Hope this is of some help,

On 30/09/2009, at 12:58 AM, Brian Thomas wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> I have the Koha system preferences set to the values "ddc" and  
> "082ab" but Koha still isn't populating the "o-Full call number"  
> field on the item record.  I can get logs from our IT guy if that  
> will help solve it.
> Thanks in advance for your help!!
> Brian Thomas
> Director of Library Services
> Saint Mary's College High School
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