[Koha] So, what does this mean for the OS ILS community?

Chris Cormack chrisc at catalyst.net.nz
Mon Sep 28 09:32:51 NZDT 2009

* Cab Vinton (bibliwho at gmail.com) wrote:
>    Any relevance to the current discussion about a Koha Foundation?
>    IMLS National Leadership Grants just announced @
>    http://www.imls.gov/news/2009/092409b_list.shtm#WA
>    King County Library System - Issaquah, WA
>    Award Amount: $998,556; Matching Amount: $1,014,400
>    Grant Category: Demonstration
>    Contact: Mr. Jed Moffitt
>    Director of Information Technology Services
>    (425)369-3433; jmoffitt at kcls.org
>    Project Title: "Empowered by Open Source"
>    The Open Source Library System (OSLS) and the open source model provide an
>    alternative to the current proprietary integrated library system (ILS)
>    software business model used by most public libraries. An OSLS empowers
>    libraries to actively engage in the design and optimization of their own
>    system software. The OSLS business model spreads the development work
>    across a wide range of contributors, extends the potential pool of service
>    providers, and empowers libraries to optimize service to their customers.
>    King County Library System (KCLS), a nationally recognized leader in
>    public library service and technology, will partner with Peninsula Library
>    System (San Mateo, California), Orange County Library System (Orlando,
>    Florida), and Ann Arbor (Michigan) District Library to create and develop
>    the critical infrastructure components that have traditionally been
>    provided by ILS vendors and will establish a peer-to-peer support model
>    for open source libraries. The project will stimulate a growing community
>    of libraries moving to an OSLS that will benefit from and contribute to
>    software applications as well as the support infrastructure.
Hi Cab

I wondered that myself, so I asked Lori Bowen Ayre at the Galecia Group http://www.galecia.com/ (a
fantastic group of people doing great things to help FLOSS adoption). 

She replied
"The goal of the project is to build infrastructure for existing
projects like #evergreen and #koha - not start up a new one."
And clarified
"KCLS IMLS goal: develop critical infrastructure components trditnly
provided by ILS vndrs; estab peer-to-peer support model for OS libs."

I see also that Ben asked the same question on their blog and got the
same answer.

So it sounds to me like great news.

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