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MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Tue Sep 22 20:19:25 NZST 2009

"Ian  Bays" <ian.bays at ptfs-europe.com> wrote:
> We have also found that the See From and other authority linking
> seems to not work at all although there is mention of being able to
> create these structures.  A while ago I looked some of this up on
> bugzilla and found some indication that the major developers thought
> that it might not need fixing as nobody used it much.  I guess
> nobody will use it if it is broken :-) A cynic might think it got in
> the way of a sponsored development.

I really don't think such accusations should be made against other
developers without linking to some justification.  It just seems rude
and uncooperative.  I suspect it's more likely that no-one was
sponsoring the developers who drove MARC21 in 3.0 to work hard on
authorities, but I'm not sure what "sponsored development" is being
referenced above.

I've been working on Authorities and they don't seem to work correctly
for MARC21 in 3.0, but the UNIMARC support is different.  There's
certainly some work to do and lots of testing needed to find all the
bits which need improvement.  Patches welcome.  Sponsorship even more so.

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