[Koha] How to search by Language on OPAC?

Ian Bays ian.bays at ptfs-europe.com
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It looks as if the search by language is broken at the current (Head) version.  Any search using the "Language" pulldown returns nothing.

Search keyword (not language) will pick out the text of the three-character language code from the 008 fixed field and it will also search the text in the 041 "Language" tag.  Note the text in the 041 should be three-character codes, all next to eachother with no spaces or punctuation.  If you have two languages (say German and Hungarian = gerhun in the 041), then Koha searching as currently configured will not search them separately but will search the combined "word" (in this gace "gerhun").

In many cases you should be able to find titles with the language code set in the 008 fixed field by just searching as "keyword".  However depending how you have configured fuzzy searching and the like in system preferences you may also pick up words with the same stem (eg search on "eng" also picks up "engineering" etc).

Does anyone know if you can qualify a search to a particular MARC tag by entering something in the search field (eg: "fre{041}" or similar)?

If it is not in bugzilla that language searching is not working it should be raised.


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  I am having the same problem.  A faculty member just asked the other day for a list of books in certain languages, so I was glad to see Melisa's question.   I'd like to figure out if this is a bug, or if there's something I can do as an administrator (i.e., not a coder) to fix it.  If anyone knows of a workaround for now, that would be good, too.



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  Thanks Nicole.  I think I've still got something wrong.  Our framework didn't have a 008 field so I created one.  Now when I'm editing a record I have the "..." next to the field and when I click on it I am able to enter the 3-character language code in 35-37.  But whenever I try to search by Language I am getting "No Results found."

  On a side note, we were wondering if our patrons would have to use the 3-character code when searching in the OPAC.  We want them to be able to enter "French" for example.  Would that work?

  Thank you,

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  This is pulling from the language coded in the leader -

  2009/9/17 Melisa Canales <mcanales29 at gmail.com>:

  > Hello,
  > On the OPAC Advanced Search page one of the search options on the drop down
  > list is "Language."  Our collection contains a lot of foreign language films
  > and it was my understanding we could use this field to search for all films
  > in a particular language.  Does anyone know the MARC tag that links to this
  > search field?  I've tried different ones, but have been unable to find the
  > right one.  Or maybe my understanding of the search field is incorrect...
  > Thank you,
  > Melisa Canales

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