[Koha] LibLime Enterprise Koha Q&A

Owen Leonard oleonard at myacpl.org
Thu Sep 17 13:51:42 NZST 2009

Daniel Grobani wrote:

> [Josh] said, "We will not be making our git repo public as it contains
> customer-sensitive data."
> I also asked if all of the sponsored enhancements would be shared, or if a
> customer could withhold enhancements altogether. He said that because the
> code's under the GPL, it would have to be released eventually.

When, after his customers' social security numbers had been excised
from the code?

I think the statements Josh has been making just don't add up. He
insists that LibLime is not forking Koha, but that's not consistent
with his other statements.

I asked on the LibLime-users list:

>> Will any contributions from the community be refused to LibLime customers?

Josh responded:

>> LibLime's goal is to include all quality contributions to Koha in LibLime
>> Enterprise Koha, regardless of the source. Of course, contributions that do
>> not meet our quality standards or that introduce bugs, will not be included.

And I asked:

> Will Liblime work to fix bugs in community contributions which prevent
> them from being included?
> If not, then LibLime Enterprise Koha is a fork of the official Koha.
> The two will continue to diverge until no community contribution to
> Koha will be able to be easily incorporated into LibLime's fork.

His response:

> The best way to ensure that LibLime Enterprise Koha and the official Koha community
> codebase do not diverge is to encourage community contributors to put better controls
> in place for controlling the quality assurance process and to reject patches that introduce
> bugs.

I interpret this as meaning: If LibLime thinks a
community-contributed, RM-approved patch is deemed "unstable," LibLime
will reject it from LibLime Enterprise Koha.

How is this not a fork?

  -- Owen

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