[Koha] Mass Updating Patrons

Roche III, Edward edward_roche at solanco.k12.pa.us
Thu Sep 17 04:19:47 NZST 2009

Hi All


I just had to do a mass update of all our patrons to add an extended
attribute and a value for that attribute. To do this I used an export
from our system that tracks our student records and used the patron
import feature. It work fine except I don't think the section "Field to
use for record matching" is working properly. The reason I say this is
because there were about 14 new student that were part of the import
file that were not currently in Koha it added there info when all I
wanted to do was update what was already there. I guess it kind of makes
sense but maybe we could have an option that we can select only the
patrons that are currently in the database to update.


Any thoughts?






Edward J. Roche

Network Administrator

Solanco School District

717.786.2151 x2437



"At the End of the Day, Did You Play to Win or Not to Lose?" 




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