[Koha] ISBD Format

Nadel Catura caturan at canlubang.dlsu.edu.ph
Wed Sep 16 16:36:46 NZST 2009

In tutorials, we have read that the ISBD format can be customized, (i
mean, can be organized in order of preference) by editing the ISBD

However, is this "reordering" capability is only available un Left Aligned

Our library hopes to make it more like the card catalog.
Where the call number is on the upper leftmost side of the card, and the
other biblio is horizontally adjacent to the call number.

(see attached image) to see what i mean :)

Is it possible to edit the ISBD preference to make it more like the card

If so, is there an available code that we can just copy?

If not, is there a module in the system that creates a card catalog?

Thanks very much in advance!
Have a nice day.

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