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Bob Birchall @ Calyx bob at calyx.net.au
Mon Sep 14 18:20:57 NZST 2009


I have noticed the announcement on the Liblime website of Liblime Enterprise
Koha.  You state that this incorporates two years of completed development.
By offering software as a service only, you are not obliged to release the
code under the GPL but you intend to do so 'periodically'.

Of course, the community-developed Koha software will continue to evolve and
it is technically very uncertain that code released occasionally will be
able to be reintegrated with that of the main project.

Do you agree that this is a fork in the development of Koha?  Aren't you
also foregoing benefits of open-source development: shared resources and the
scrutiny of a world wide community?  Mightn't you encounter the resource
constraints and priority conflicts of closed source vendors?

We have not heard from you on this list for a considerable time.  If you
have left the Koha community, this is a great disappointment to those of us
who have appreciated your substantial contributions in recent years.  Your
exit misses a key opportunity for developing a sustainable Koha software
foundation and leaving the library community a better legacy.

Please clarify your ongoing role in this community.

Sincere regards,

Bob Birchall




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