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Elshan Axunzade elshan at inbox.lv
Mon Sep 14 16:14:26 NZST 2009

Yes, but i don't know how to check original content of Permission
Table? How can i check it ? I don't tink that there was any accedental
removal becouse i installed it on two machines, and in both it is the
same... The System is CEnt OS 5.3 perl 5.8.8 apache 2.2, 
 Цитирование Chris Cormack : 2009/9/14 Elshan Axunzade :
 > Hi all,
 >  My Koha version is , I am using Cent OS 5.3, all
perl modules are installed, done translation, have 2
 > users kohaadmin and test user withall preveligies checked. But
More->Tools page is empty in kohaadmin and in test
 > user. how can i fix this problem ? What must i do ?
 >  Thanks in advance
 Hi Elshan
 Did you see this reply from Agnes
 Could that be the problem?
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