[Koha] Koha Foundation input

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Sun Sep 13 02:42:33 NZST 2009

Lenora Oftedahl <OFTL at critfc.org> asked: [...]
> Does anyone else have Koha 'stuff' registered in their name to be
> released to the proposed Foundation?

Yes, others have Koha 'stuff' registered in their names.  TTLLP
software.coop has some rights, but we have deliberately not registered
them because I believe them to be community property stewarded by us.
I have notes of some of the registrations, but I'll give the
registrants chance to announce themselves first.

I think some things will be released to the proposed Foundation at
cost and I believe some intend to offer things for sale to the
Foundation.  I don't think anyone has offered to donate any stuff but
I could be wrong.

> The question becomes, which country does the Foundation use as home?
> Which country is easiest & cheapest for registration? We'll need
> constitution & by-laws for governance.

We need governing documents, but they may be called different things
elsewhere.  I know England's incorporation costs, but I don't think
we're a serious candidate?  Can people who know US, NZ and France 
add costs to http://wiki.koha.org/doku.php?id=kohafoundation please?

> How do we elect Board of Directors? [...]

One member one vote, either directly or grouped into constituencies?

> Do the hackers like the current set up of using Bugzilla as feature
> request and is this process working to get sponsors for various bits
> of code?  If so, why change?

We've had no sponsors simply from listing on Bugzilla.  Anyone?

>  Is Liblime still involved in
> the effort to set up a foundation?

We don't know.

Hope that helps,
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