[Koha] LibLime announces LibLime Enterprise Koha

MJ Ray mjr at phonecoop.coop
Sun Sep 13 02:28:56 NZST 2009

Kyle Hall <kyle.m.hall at gmail.com>
> Can anyone explain what Liblime's "groundbreaking cloud computing platform" is?

I suspect the "cloud computing platform" is Amazon Elastic Compute
Cloud (EC2), but with Liblime's past use, it might be something from
Google instead.

I'm not sure why it's groundbreaking beyond the cloud service itself.
Our co-op has been cloud-hosting Koha since 2003 (is that before most
people called it the cloud?) and now our hosting supports WWF,
VideoLAN, the International Federation of Human Rights, debian and
more.  I'm quite happy to add a Koha Foundation to that list once we
have one.  That's the sort of benefit a co-op will give because we're
a for-service business, rather than a simple for-profit one.

I think my early focuses were making the 1.2 installer support
VirtualHosting and securing the SQL against the sort of attacks that
are more common against hosted web apps... so it's nice to see it
getting more popular, in a way.  I wish it wasn't announced in a
PR before the community email lists saw it, though.

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