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BWS Johnson mhelman at illinoisalumni.org
Sat Sep 12 23:14:23 NZST 2009


>The delegate idea is very reasonable. That is exactly how the CODI
organization handled it for Dynix and 
>Horizon users. Unfortunately, it's not likely that public institutions
in the US would pay for employees to 
>attend a conference in New Zealand.

Does it mesh with the spirit of an open source community? I don't think
so. I don't think we're so big just yet that as a body we're unwieldy to
work with at a conference if the past KohaCon is any indication. 

It violates two of my rules of thumb. If Dynix is doing it, anyone else
probably oughtn't. The second is that it would falsely elevate a
delegate's status above a normal person's status. If this is done
carefully a la old time Haudenosaunee Confederacy, fine. I just think we
should wait for the politicking of delegations until we can't all fit in
one longhouse. (And heck, mebbe not even then. The Assembly's
amphitheatre at Athens, and modern crowd voting by show of hands to
accomodate *thousands* come to mind.) A smaller, but just as poignant
snag that would come to my mind would be that an individual's means
would have a perpetual impact on whether they might become a delegate.
Those that attended a conference might be more likely to be selected.
(Think about the incumbents in Congress for a poorly operating system.)


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