[Koha] LibLime announces LibLime Enterprise Koha

Bob Birchall @ Calyx bob at calyx.net.au
Sat Sep 12 13:43:56 NZST 2009

Chris wrote:
"Liblime may tell you otherwise, but their actions speak louder than their
They haven't involved themselves in the community in months, they have
forked the code .
No they are not active members of the community, and no, they are not
involved in the effort to set up a foundation."

They have of course registered a non-profit company called 'Koha Software
Foundation'.  Unless they agree to hand that over to a foundation formed by
the community, then:
- a community formed foundation will not be able to use that name;
- using a similar name could be subject to challenge by Liblime, at least in
the US; and
- if 'Koha Software Foundation' becomes active in the future, then there
will be two Koha projects competing, for example, for grant funding.

A better outcome would be for Liblime to rejoin discussions about formation
of a foundation.

Bob Birchall

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