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Lori Ayre loriayre at gmail.com
Sat Sep 12 11:28:12 NZST 2009

Steve (and all),

I support this idea and if there's a way I can be of assistance, let's talk.
I think getting a ball like this rolling would have to come from someone
like us - people who are not actively involved in just one of the products
but who sees the importance of both products/projects succeeding.

Lori Ayre
The Galecia Group

On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 2:29 PM, Steve Wills <swills at beyond-print.com>wrote:

> Heya guys,
> I am posting this using my personal email so that it is clear that this
> letter is from Steve Wills and NOT from NELINET nor from Lyrasis.   This
> morning I posted a letter on the Koha site where there is a debate going on
> about whether they should form a foundation around the Koha software.   This
> was my response to that community, which I would like to share with you as
> well.
> Sung to the tune of "Where Have All the Sources Gone".
> My Two cents is that we do not form a Koha community or an Evergreen
> community in competition.  Let's talk about forming/joining a library
> community which would support and endorse Library support projects in
> cooperation.
> The Evergreen community is at almost that same place at the age of three
> that this Koha community seems to be with respect to this subject.  The
> histories are different in terms of development detail but within the
> library community, there appears to be some blood in the water and that is
> making it difficult to see clearly downstream.  Open Source communities are
> formed for the benefit of a global world in need of affordable, considered
> solutions.  I would propose that we think about a foundation dedicated to
> managing and perfecting solutions for libraries with a structure that draws
> from such successful FOSS projects as Elicpse, Sourceforge, and Apache.
>  Such a foundation would be chartered to serve librarian, patron and
> developer alike without any particular alligence to Koha, Evergreen or
> whatever else we spawn in the future that we wish to give back to the
> library community.
> Steve Wills
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