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My Two cents is that we do not form a Koha community or an Evergreen community in competition. Let's talk about forming/joining a library community which would support and endorse Library support projects in cooperation.

The Evergreen community is at almost that same place at the age of three that this Koha community seems to be with respect to this subject. The histories are different in terms of development detail but within the library community, there appears to be some blood in the water and that is making it difficult to see clearly downstream. Open Source communities are formed for the benefit of a global world in need of affordable, considered solutions. I would propose that we think about a foundation dedicated to managing and perfecting solutions for libraries with a structure that draws from such successful FOSS projects as Elicpse, Sourceforge, and Apache. Such a foundation would be chartered to serve librarian, patron and developer alike without any particular alligence to Koha, Evergreen or whatever else we spawn in the future that we wish to give back to the library community.

Steve Wills
Open Source Consultant
Southborough, Ma.

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Yesterday, i posted to the devel list about volunteering services and time to administer them, if any were needed for the Koha community with the formation of a foundation. Several people (Chris, Steven, Rachel, Paul, ... hope i haven't missed anyone) have responded very graciously.

Here's my next suggestion:
To prepare for the foundation, let's run a public poll that people can volunteer to complete with some very general questions like: 
a) what their idea of a Koha foundation is, 
b) whether they have suggestions of other examples to emulate, 
c) their reaction to recent happenings with Koha, 
d) their expectations for the roadmap in the hands of a foundation, etc.

Looks like this will have to be a 'free-form' + multiple-choice form of survey.

My "ulterior" motive for posting is to spark more discussion in the build-up to the meeting on the 15th, because i see very little on the list itself on, for example:
a) Reflections on what exactly has happened to bring this about
b) Thoughts on some aims and aspirations for a foundation
c) Suggestions for how it should be structured and operate
d) Some practical aspects for bringing about a lot more collaboration...etc.

So, i have decided to post something every day now hoping to kick-start some discussion, because, (as Owen said a few days ago...) i feel i am 'flying blind' for now.


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