[Koha] Koha Foundation input

Lenora Oftedahl OFTL at critfc.org
Sat Sep 12 05:26:23 NZST 2009

The Koha Foundation needs to be a separate entity for just this reason.  LibLime has their fingers all over everything Koha.  They have promised to release all the 'stuff' to the Foundation when it is formed, but they are under no legal obligation to do so.  Does anyone else have Koha 'stuff' registered in their name to be released to the proposed Foundation?

The question becomes, which country does the Foundation use as home?  Which country is easiest & cheapest for registration? We'll need constitution & by-laws for governance.

How do we elect Board of Directors? My opinion is that officers of the Foundation should reflect the current positions of the various managers (sorry, I can't remember the proper Maori names).  Also, there should be representation on the board by the various vendors as well as regional independent libraries.

Honestly, the whole regional representatives feeding into the international organizations for conferences just doesn't sit well with me.  In this day and age of social networks and nearly instant communication, we can all represent ourselves.

Do the hackers like the current set up of using Bugzilla as feature request and is this process working to get sponsors for various bits of code?  If so, why change?  

Less governance, not more.


 Is Liblime still involved in
the effort to set up a foundation?

Lenora A. Oftedahl
StreamNet Regional Librarian
Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission

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