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I would be very interested in a US Kohacon, just about any time of the year would be OK with me, although May 2010 looks potentially busy at the moment.

At a US or regional/US Koha conference I'd like to see both a library user's track and a hackfest (with an ack to Paul's "worldwide" comment). We (my tech assistant and I) have wanted to get around to looking at the Koha code to get involved with the project, but have been too busy with other sysadmin stuff to really get into it. It would be really great if a real coder could spend an hour or two and get us started--like an introductory tutorial to Koha programming (not writing Perl per se, we have slips of paper saying we should know how to figure it out).

If the location will be outside driving distance from Kansas City (meaning we have to fly), then a two or three day conference would be best to justify the fixed costs.

I would also like to make it to NZ too, and late in the year would be best for that. That would be on my dime also, but hey, Chris needs the bacon so it will be a supply mission.



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At the KUDOS meeting at ALA in July there was talk of doing a US Koha users conference in spring. The thinking is that it would not conflict with the November 2010 KohaCon in New Zealand and at some point Chris and I talked about that. 

The delegate idea is very reasonable. That is exactly how the CODI organization handled it for Dynix and Horizon users. Unfortunately, it's not likely that public institutions in the US would pay for employees to attend a conference in New Zealand. 

A co-worker and I talked about going to New Zealand (on our own dime), but we are slated to migrate in fall 2010 so it's not likely. But we will see! 

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Walls, Ian a écrit : 

> First off: welcome, BSZ! 
> Secondly, a proposal: 
> A set of annual conferences per region/continent to address local concerns and save on travel costs. Delegates from each regional conference could then be sent to the international conference (through some kind of sponsorship or conference award, perhaps?) to represent the region and/or give a report on the results of the regional meeting. 
> That said, I'm still going to ask my boss about funding my trip to NZ... 
imo, there are 2 different things : 
- KohaCon for libraries and librarians => this one can be 
region/continent wide, time for librarians and hackers to meet and 
present future, propose ideas, ... it's feature-oriented. 
- KohaCon hackfest for developers => we saw how invaluable it is for 
developers to have a 3-5 days of physical meeting. It's highly worth the 
ticket ! But for this, we need a worldwide conference. it's code-oriented. 

So, I think we could split in 2: 
- KohaCon 
- KohaHack. Of Course, KohaHack will be just before or after a regional 

does this list like this suggestion? 

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