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This is fantastic news! Congrats, Nicole and everyone that helped make sure she's there for Koha.

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Hello everyone,

I wanted to write to you all before news started spreading and let you
know that I have taken a position with ByWater Solutions and BibLibre
that will start on October 1st.  These two amazing companies have come
together to offer me a role that will allow me to not only help
libraries understand open source but to stay active in the community.

This means that I will remain your document manager - as I was
informed at KohaCon - until I drop :)  I have also been learning more
and more about the software and participating more in submitting
patches - something I hope to start doing more often.

Lastly, I read the comments in the most recent IRC meeting and wanted
to thank all of you who said such kind things about me :) I enjoy
being documentation manager and helping other learn about Koha and
open source in general and would never have stopped doing that.

Nicole C. Engard
Koha Documentation Manager
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Koha at lists.katipo.co.nz

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