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First off:  welcome, BSZ!

Secondly, a proposal:

A set of annual conferences per region/continent to address local concerns and save on travel costs.  Delegates from each regional conference could then be sent to the international conference (through some kind of sponsorship or conference award, perhaps?) to represent the region and/or give a report on the results of the regional meeting.

That said, I'm still going to ask my boss about funding my trip to NZ...

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2009/9/10 BWS Johnson <mhelman at illinoisalumni.org>:
> Salvete!
>>Maybe we should do a KohaCon Europe in 2010...
> I'm all for that in 2011, but I'm pushing for NZ in 2010. I think we owe
> Chris 10th Anniversary drinks for giving up his millenial, not to mention
> the rest of us ought to be jet lagged at some point so we know what they go
> through all the time to see us ;)

The 2 ideas might not be exclusive. The "official", worldwide kohaCon
in NZ. A KohaCon US: given the state of the economy, I doubt many
people in the US will have founding to go over to New Zealand, so a
KohaCon US is in order in any case. And a KohaCon Europe, for the same
(sad, economic) reasons.
Or: KohaCon NZ in 2010. KohaCon US in 2010 too. KohaCon Europe in 2011.
But I personally would love (I don't know how to stress this enough)
to go to Wellington, visit Levin and Horowhenua LT, meet with some
people in Real Life for the 1st time. And there are French-speaking
islands in the South Pacific too: maybe I can go visit them to try to
convince them to switch to Koha.

> Cheers,
> Brooke
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